Vegan Restaurant Finds 3

Finding vegan options at restaurants keeps getting easier and easier!

Olive Garden is one of the most vegan-friendly chain restaurants I can think of. You will certainly not leave there hungry.

The day I found out Olive Garden’s breadsticks were vegan was honestly one of the happiest days of my life. Instead of using butter on the breadsticks, they use a soy based product and seasoning. If you’ve had these famous breadsticks before, you know they are extremely addictive and you can’t stop at just one. Olive Garden is known for their unlimited salad and breadsticks, but steer clear of the salad. It’s weird, a salad that’s not vegan? Their dressing actually contains cheese, as do the croutons. I’ve never asked about this before, but I’m sure a salad with no dressing and croutons can be ordered and you can ask for oil and vinegar to put on it instead.

The minestrone soup at Olive Garden is vegan as well. It is made with vegetable broth and loaded with different types of veggies like tomatoes, zucchini, and carrots. It also has red kidney beans, white cannellini beans, and little pasta shells. (This soup is perfect for dipping breadsticks in as well).

For an entree, the only vegan option is really just pasta and marinara sauce. You can pick any shape of pasta you like (and gluten free options are available too). You can also jazz up your pasta and marinara by adding chopped veggies into the sauce. (The sauce is perfect for dipping breadsticks in as well).

Olive Garden does not currently have any vegan dessert options, but after eating a big plate of pasta, a big bowl of soup, and 4 baskets of breadsticks, you won’t even miss it!


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